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Everyone has a beautiful voice

Rebecca is a Renaissance woman with expertise as a musician, theologian, teacher, coach, and pastor.  She was born and raised in western North Carolina and trained as a classical musician throughout childhood and college.  Since moving to New York City in 2012, she has crafted her musical education and pastoral sensibilities into a ministry that serves a diverse and dynamic community. As the Church changes and embraces the need for new and creative ways of living out the Gospel, Rebecca has found herself as a pioneer in the field of entrepreneurial ministry.  Entrepreneurial ministry is an emerging mission of the Church which calls pastors into spiritual and church work as creative, energetic, progressive(ing) leaders. 


Rebecca works with churches and organizations as a reculturing consultant.  This type of institutional teamwork seeks to address liturgical and logistical aspects of traditional white Protestant church/religion culture so that the church can consider the needs of all participants,  namely children/youth.  Intergenerational worship is Rebecca's first step to church reculturing.  Intergenerational worship is worship that invites each participant, in a theologically rich way, into the liturgy as full and complete children of God.  A front-line proponent in the movement to #eradicatesundayschool, Rebecca teaches congregations that learning about Jesus starts in one-bodied worship and that children should never be asked to segregate from the rest of the congregation for "school" or "education" or even special children's worship.  Using story, song, and prayer, Rebecca teaches that worship can and should be for all people and can be intergenerationally engaging without being heady or simplistic. 

Rebecca graduated from Union Theological Seminary in the City of New York in 2017.  Her studies culminated in the first ever
academic text and corresponding liturgy that addressed the study of children's liberation theology .  Intended as an addendum to black liberation theology, children's liberation theology holds the assessment that God is on the side of the oppressed and seeks to liberate those whom society has placed in mental, emotional, or physical slavery.  Having studied under the late Dr. James Hal Cone, Rebecca's children's liberation theology understands children as enslaved and in need of liberation.  Rebecca is currently working her thesis titled, Let the Little Childrena children's liberation theology into a larger text for publication.

Rebecca believes that the liberated child has a liberated mother (birth person, primary caregiver, parent).  In her own journey as a mother, she has discovered a deep love of motherhood and also the oppressive nature of motherhood.  Mothers are pulled in so many directions and are constantly being scrutinized.  Yet, most mothers, just want to spend time with their children while having the flexibility to do something they love and take care of themselves.  Creating that balance is work that Rebecca does in her own life and with clients. As a spiritual coach,  Rebecca works with individuals and groups, namely women and femme-identifying folx, who are seeking spiritual guidance in a path to their own liberation.  Rebecca brings a spirit of healing, empowerment, and peace to retreats and workshops around the country.  Through ritual, and reflection, Rebecca gives guidance for participants to become centered, balanced, and empowered.    

Rebecca uses music as the connective entity in all of her work.  She truly believes that EVERYONE has a beautiful voice.  She brings music into a space to connect, to learn, and empower. 

The last six months have been a rousing adventure for Rebecca, ending with a twist that even she didn’t see coming:

she’s moving to Brooklyn...

From one of Rebecca's clients:

"Rebecca's music is an experience that transforms the energy in the room."

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