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Everyone has a beautiful voice

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Rebecca, she/her, is a Renaissance woman with expertise as a musician, theologian, teacher, coach, and pastor. She was born and raised in western North Carolina, and trained as a classical musician throughout childhood and college. Since moving to New York City in 2012, Rebecca has crafted her musical education and pastoral sensibilities into a ministry that serves a diverse and dynamic community. As the Church changes and embraces the need for new and creative ways of living out the Gospel, Rebecca has found herself as a pioneer in the ecumenical church, working with innovative and creative ministries in multiple contexts


Rebecca currently serves as the Founding Executive Director of For People Media Ministries.  FPMM is a digital new worshiping community developing a centralized streaming platform for intentionally progressive Christian content.  


Rebecca also works with churches as a consultant, helping congregations imagine new ways of worshiping and establishing community.  Intergenerational worship is Rebecca's first step in this type of education, inviting each participant, in a theologically rich way, into the liturgy as full and complete children of God. A front-line proponent in the movement to #eradicatesundayschool, Rebecca teaches congregations that learning about Jesus starts in one-bodied worship.

Rebecca is a biological mother, foster mother, and church mother.  She is married to a fellow minister and lives in the Midwood neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY.  

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